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Stephanie M

I love the rows of bottles in the wall and the picture of you guys by the barrels...you look so in love!


Yay for honeymoon pictures! And yay for being able to stay positive about the flight issues! Delays and lost luggage are hard to stay positive through! I think only honeymooners have the ability to do that ;)


I get so excited about other people's vacation pictures!! I feel like I get a mini-trip in my mind. ;o) It looks really pretty, and I'm sure the food was AMAZING! I always love to look at the architecture in faraway places. I have a (likely dumb) question ... the bulls on the hills .... they aren't real, right? Was it a game?? Oh, Mike and I just noticed that Rob is wearing a Detroit hat - Mike asked me if he is from there. Can't wait for more pictures!! And to hear about the food - ha!

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