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Loving dress #1 - I think it's my favorite, though they're all pretty! And OMG, a BACKUP organist and pianist? Are they nuts? I would probably be nuts even at 6 months out if someone told me that, not to mention 9 days. You're getting so close though! Yay!!

Stephanie M

I like the 1st and 3rd dress. You are right...soon you'll have to call him your HUSBAND! :)


I love, love, love the third dress! It's just the right amount of fun, mixed with appropriateness for the church rehearsal! It screams "I'm the bride" without revealing too much...does that make sense? (But all the dresses are SUPER cute!)

Sorry to hear about the problems at the church! I had the same thing happen with my wedding last summer...at about the same point. Totally stressful at the time. It'll work out wonderfully though; don't let it get to you!


I really like the 1st and 4th dress! although all of them are pretty!!! I'm sorry about the organist and pianist issue. If I wasn't hogging "our" Grandma on your day, she could be the back-up! LOL call you later, :).


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