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I love the shoe charm idea. The pictures at the guest book is a good one too. Mandy did that at her reception. I know your Dad will be with you.


We put pictures up at the guest book table. My cousin took a pair of my grandma's earrings and had them put in her bouquet. I'm sure your dad will be looking down on you with a smile on his face.


This is so sweet Becky! I have loved reading all of your wedding plans. I am wrapping a bracelet my dad gave me that has an angel charm with "love never dies" engraved on it around my bouquet with his wedding ring looped on in. I also have a flower arrangement and memorial candle that will be there and the candle is the unity candle from my parents' wedding. I also put a note in my program that the candle had been lit for him and included a really pretty quote about love and loss. I am positive that no matter how many or how few things we do to include them, both of our dads will be walking right there beside us down the aisle :)

Kelly Jo

That is a great idea about the locket! And I love that you want to put them on your shoes so he can walk with you. Uncle Wayne woud be so happy and proud of you. I cannot think of a better way to have him there. Love you!

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