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Oh my gosh, I love the pictures! He is so adorable. I can't wait to see him in person. The newborn one of him is so sweet, he almost looks like he is smiling. :)


You are such a trooper!!!!!! I've been emotional reading all 3 parts to the story! Henry is so adorable!! He looks so soft and cozy!


I loved reading this, Becky! I cannot imagine how tired you were by the end, but that sweet face has to be worth all of the work. And I won't lie--I completely teared up at this post! :)


oh my gosh girl-he made you work for it! I bet it was all worth it :)

Amanda R.

Wow!! What a birth story!! So happy for you! Henry is just precious!


Oh goodness - proud of you girl and feel your tiredness- I was in labor 26 hours. But it was all worth it to see that precious baby and then the nurses laying him on your chest - I loved that part too! Such a beautiful moment and story that you will always remember.

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