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eek good luck at the dentist!!!

also--that balloon slide looks so awesome!


Good luck today! Hang in there!!


Hope your root canal goes well - sorry about the pain! You'll have to let me know tips about the Biltmore when you go. Jason and I are planning a day trip there with our family vacation to Tennessee this summer.


Have fun at the Biltmore. I toured there several years ago during a vacation to Gatlinburg TN. We took a day trip to Asheville though so I don't have any other tips for places to check out there :(


that is such a good verse for endurance. God is ever so faithful!


Oh no, a root canal?! Here's hoping and praying that it will go quickly and smoothly!

Asheville is SUCH a cool town--definitely check out the Biltmore Village shopping area at the front of the Biltmore Estate. I'd also recommend the Carl Sandburg house/ the Flat Rock area if you wanted to do a little day trip from Asheville (less than an hour away). Chimney Rock is also pretty cool and not too far away. Landon actually went to up Asheville pretty regularly for job training a year or two ago, and I loved to go up with him if I could. There's a great Thai place in the middle of downtown Asheville that I'd recommend. Asheville is definitely a quirky place, so walking around downtown is an adventure in itself!! Have fun!

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