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I looove that picture of you two!


OMG 52 books this year? Kudos to you! I'm taking the goodreads challenge too but I think I only put in 30 books for this year (so far i've read 3)...



Praying for blessings for your Papa! My resolution is also to read more. I set up a cozy little spot with good lighting to inspire me. First book is the Jesus book for e3!!! Next will be these books:

Beatitude : relearning Jesus through truth, contradiction, and a folded dollar bill / Matthew Paul Turner.

Follow me to freedom : leading and following as an ordinary radical / Shane Claiborne & John M. Perkins.

The greatest prayer : rediscovering the revolutionary message of The Lord's prayer / John Dominic Crossan.

The irresistible revolution : living as an ordinary radical / Shane Claiborne.

and repeating a book I loved a few years ago, Jesus : a revolutionary biography / John Dominic Crossan

Beth McClitnock

I am going to have to have that Owl night light! SO CUTE!! I am loving owls right now :)


I love that wreath too! That picture of you and your hubby is ADORABLE!!!! Have a great Wednesday!!


Sending happy thoughts to your Papa..... :(

The pic of you and Rob is SOOO cute!

Mrs. Southern Bride

Hope your Papa is doing well!

Love that wreath, it's adorable!


I'm totally saying some prayers for your papa!!!!

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