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Love what you had engraved! Your ring is beautiful!!!

C Mae

Those are some really good photographs taken of your ring!!! Thank ya so much for taking the time to link up and share your story/bling with not only me but other fellow bloggers as well!


I love that your rings are engraved! Such a personal touch! And, your ring is gorgeous!

Alycia Crowley

Such an adorable ring!


what a great story and i love the photos of your ring!


What a sweet story and your ring is stunning!!!

Kate @ Stripes and Polka Dots

This is such a cute story! Your rings are gorgeous!


Your ring is stunning and your engagement story is very sweet! Thanks for sharing!


I love this!! Surprise proposals are the best!

(We also say "You're my favorite"! So funny!)

Bridget Rossi

First of all, congratulations! You look charming together in that picture! And that ring is just adorable! Personally, I find that rings studded with smaller stones look a lot more compact than those with a single huge stone on them. That would make a wonderful heirloom ring too!

Rochel Faltus

Oh that’s so sweet! I love how he proposed to you. It’s very romantic. Your ring looks great on you and by the looks of your picture together; I bet you’re going to have a happy marriage. Congratulations!

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