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I love that quote. I've been struggling with some weight gain lately and I don't understand it with my running and working out. I just need to compare today to yesterday know that I'm trying!


Good luck giving up Diet Coke! I stopped drinking it during the day a few years ago and while it was hard the first week eventually you don't miss it. I used to drink at least 2 a day and now it tastes gross out of a can! I can drink it with mexican food in a cup with ice, but thats about it, ha! So excited I figured out how to leave a comment, sorry I'm so Blog challenged!

Megan (Mackey Madness)

We will be looking at building soon, too! That's one reason that I'm loving Pinterest! Oh and I could never give up diet coke. I usually have about 3 a day. It's my crack.


I've been trying to give up caffeine too! Not easy for a Monster Energy Drink a day kinda girl :(


i love that balloon photo, makes me want to do that at my next birthday! good luck on your giving up caffeine i have to drink a cup of coffee every day and i don't know how i would handle giving it up. good luck with all the traveling for work, ill pray God provides you safety for each trip. have a great weekend becky!

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